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Bylaws of the ANA


Article I: Purpose

The Alliance of Neighborhood Associations of York PA (The Alliance) is a voluntary organization composed of neighborhood associations within the City of York.

The purpose of The Alliance is:

1. To provide for communication between the different associations, thereby enabling the sharing of bylaws, organizational structure, events, issues, challenges, and neighborhood problems and solutions.

2. To assist in the establishment of new neighborhood associations.

3. To present issues and concerns to public and private entities.

4. To encourage all age groups, including senior citizens and youth, to become engaged and involved in their neighborhoods.

Article II: Membership

1. Neighborhood association membership in The Alliance can be accomplished in one of two ways:

A. Presentation of the bylaws of a neighborhood association showing its boundaries.
B. Presentation of officers or contact persons of an identifiable association or group of neighbors with indication of boundaries.

2. Active membership is maintained by representation at one-half of scheduled Alliance meetings.

3. Ex officio members of The Alliance include, but are not limited to individuals from the Department of Community Development, the School District of the City of York, York City Police Department, and all other departments of City government. Ex officio members may be invited to participate as deemed appropriate by the Neighborhood Representatives.

Article III: Neighborhood Representatives

1. Each member association shall appoint up to two individuals to serve as Neighborhood Representatives to The Alliance.

2. At each meeting of The Alliance, each currently active member association shall be entitled to one vote. A member association is considered "active" when they have been represented at one-half of the scheduled meetings for the preceding twelve months.

3. Ex officio members have a voice, but no vote on business of The Alliance.

Article IV: Executive Committee

1. The Neighborhood Representatives shall choose an Executive Committee comprised of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary from among its members. The election of these officers shall occur annually during the April meeting of The Alliance.

2. Officers are limited to serving for two consecutive 2-year terms.

3. Should an officer leave before the end of their 2-year term the membership shall hold a special election to choose their replacement. That person then has the option to be elected for two additional 2-year terms.

Article V: Responsibilities and Duties of the Executive Committee 

1. Responsibilities and Duties of the Executive Committee shall include:

  1. The execution of policy established by The Alliance.
  2. The appointment of all other committees and related chairpersons. This responsibility may be delegated to the President. Committees shall derive their direction from The Alliance.
  3. The soliciting of officer nominees for the April meeting of The Alliance. The list of nominees shall be communicated to all Neighborhood Representatives prior to the April meeting. Additional names may be added to the roster at the April meeting of The Alliance.

2. The Chair shall:

A. Preside at Alliance meetings.
B. Facilitate Citywide Alliance meetings. 
C. Act as prime contact person and spokes person for The Alliance. 
D. Delegate other duties as needed to carry out the purpose of The Alliance.

4. The Co-Chair shall:

A. Be the presiding officer in the absence of the Chair.
B. Preside at Alliance and Citywide Alliance Meetings in the absence of the Chair.
C. Coordinate program topics for Alliance meetings.
D. Fulfill the duties delegated by the Chairperson.

5. The Treasurer shall: 

A. Be responsible for the receiving, holding, and dispersal of funds donated to The Alliance.
B. Will make an accounting of these funds at each Alliance meeting.

5. The Secretary shall:

A. Take and disseminate to Executive Committee members the minutes of all meetings of The Alliance. 
B. Record attendance at all Executive Committee and Alliance meetings. 
C. Maintain a roster of all member associations with information about their representatives including name, addresses, telephone numbers, and/or email addresses to enable communication with all members between meetings. 

Article VI: Meetings and Quorum

1. The Alliance shall meet monthly or as needed to address concerns or issues brought to it by its members.

2. The Executive Committee shall generate an agenda and schedule the meetings of The Alliance..

3. The proceedings of all annual, regular and special meetings of The Alliance shall be generally conducted by Roberts Rules of Order at the discretion of the presiding officer.

4. All votes require the presence of a quorum of the member associations. One half of the active member associations plus one, and at least one member of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. 

Article VII: Amendments to the Bylaws and Dissolution

1. The Bylaws of The Alliance may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of its active member associations.

2. The Alliance is a voluntary association that may be dissolved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of its active member associations.

(Approved October 2003; Revised April 2010; Revised September 2017)